Bug Report Guidelines

Report any bug found in Friendly Shade tools.
When adding a bug report, please make sure to include the following:

1. Title
The title should provide a quick and clear description of the bug. For example, “BakerCLI AO texture result contains artifacts ”.

2. Tool name
The name of the tool where the bug was found. For example, “BakerCLI ”.

3. Tool version
The current version of the tool you’re using when you found the bug. For example, “v0.4.1 ”.

4. Environment (OS)
OS name and version. For example, “Windows Home 7”.

5. Steps to reproduce the bug
Number the steps clearly from first to last so our developers can quickly and exactly follow them to reproduce the bug. Here is an example:
1. Open BakerCLI
2. Run the following configuration:
—output_map=ao > uint16 > 1 > D:/folder/ao.tif

6. Result
Detail what the bug is actually doing, and how it is a distortion of the expected result. To write about it, you can think about the following :

  • Elaborate on the issue
  • Is the software crashing?
  • Is it simply pausing in action?
  • Does an error appear?
  • is it simply unresponsive?

Specificity in this section will be most helpful to developers. Emphasize distinctly what is going wrong. Provide additional details so that they can start investigating the issue with all variables in mind.
For example, “The tool doesn’t crash, it saves the output successfully. When opening the output image, it looks fine but if this map is used in a render engine, you can see artifacts

7. Visual proof (if applies)
Screenshots can be attached to clearly depict the occurrence of the bug. Depending on the nature of the bug, the developer may need this to get a better understanding.

8. Files used to reproduce the bug (if applies)
If the bug happens with specific input files, please send us the file(s) so we our developers can correctly reproduce the bug. In case the files are large, please, send us the minimum necessary files to reproduce the error.
Files can be send to the following email address: support@friendlyshade.com. When sending the files, please make sure to write as subject the same title of your bug report.